Personal Tax Return Preparation

No matter how complex your personal tax issues, we are highly skilled at helping you apply the laws properly. We search for ways to minimize your tax liability while preparing your returns, and we assist you in planning for future years.

Entity Tax Return Preparation

Corporation (S and C), Partnerships, Estate and Trust tax return preparations for small- to medium-sized businesses are among our specialties. A key service we offer is our entity planning service, whereby we advise owners of the most effective ways to manage their businesses to maximize their tax advantages.

Accounting and Payroll

Accounting and payroll can be very complicated issues for many small businesses. We will prepare monthly, quarterly or annual financial reports, prepare all of the required payroll tax returns (including 941, unemployment tax, W-2’s and 1099’s etc.), prepare sales tax returns (if required), reconcile your bank account and ultimately, help you with important financial decisions for you and your business.
Our job is to help reduce the burdens of paper work and tax compliance so you can do what you do best – RUN YOUR BUSINESS!!

We will customize our services to meet your business or personal needs. Every business needs to be aware of their financial status at all times.

Investment & Insurance

Regardless of your current age, income or goals, it’s important to begin developing a retirement plan today. We offer several options to help you to save for your retirement needs and insurance products to protect your business and family.

These are the times when emotions can run high, but a cool head and a disciplined investing approach are key to long term success. Let us help you navigate today’s turbulent markets, create a plan and help manage your current and future retirement funds.